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Why Choose Us?

Suntours Safaris is a registered tours and travel company in Kenya, operating in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Burundi and Rwanda.

Welcome to East Africa, part of African continent with great wonders and opportunities. East Africa is home to amazingly hospitable people of diverse cultures, wildlife in their natural habitat, birds, untamed wilderness and breathtaking geographical features,clean and fresh air breezes along coastal beaches hence grreat climatic and atmospheric conditions.

More About Us

Suntours Safaris has vast knowledge and diverse experience that has been carefully tailored into front edge services. We offer inbound and domestic safaris with the following markets; Wildlife and Game drives, romantic tours which include but not limited to honeymoons packages, Walking and Cycling safaris, beach holidays, home stays and educational trips.

Suntours Safaris is a satisfactory customer service oriented company with highly qualified, supportive, and experienced staff that prioritizes customer concerns and provides prompton spot feedback regardless of the time differences. Reach to us for customised itinerary that we will design that will not only be fascinating but also guarantee value for your money.

At Suntours Safaris, we are delighted to hear from our customers. In line with this, we ensure seamless communication with our customers for continued review of their needs. Thus, we are proud to be associated with our customers through our motto “

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